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If you have questions or wish to place an order,  please contact Skyes the Limit! via phone or e-mail.  

E-mail: Skyes the Limit!   Phone: (602) 938-9735

Instrument Panels

Skyes the Limit presently has twelve (12) styles of instrument panels available with totally analog to totally digital instruments and many in-between.

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Wheels, Brakes & Fiberglass Gear

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STL Emergency Electric Fuel Pump Kit

Cost: $75.00
Purpose: This pump assembly is dual purpose in that it replaces the early squeeze bulb technology with a modern electric pump which simply fills the carb bowls for initial starting of the engine and then it is used as an emergency standby electric fuel pump.

Fuel starvation is common in light sport aircraft and turning on the electric fuel pump at the first sign of fuel starvation may allow you to continue flying long enough to get to a preferable landing spot where you can trouble shoot the actual problem once you are safely on the ground.

Description: This kit includes our very own custom made bracket that allows you to install it in minutes! It also includes all wiring, switches, circuit breakers, connectors and everything else needed to make your installation easy.

The wiring, fuel pump and bracket are all designed for simple removal by quick disconnection for easy maintenance. Detailed color pictures are also included to show the entire installation.
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Custom Ameriking ELT Package for Challengers

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Cost: $200.00

Purpose: This is a customized version of the popular Ameriking Emergency Locator Transmitter. We took the standard package that normally sells for about $10.00 less and we added a few items to make your Challenger installation easier and functional.

Description: We include a shorter cable for the remote unit that gets rid of excess cable and makes the installation a bit lighter. Our kit includes our own custom made bracket that installs the remote unit cleanly just above the front seat pilots head where it can be seen and manually activated if needed from either seat in the Challenger.

We also throw in other goodies like all the needed mounting hardware and wire clips to save you a trip to the hardware store. To eliminate the guesswork, we include our color pictorial instructions for the Challenger installation.

Our Challenger customers tell us that the all inclusive package is nice and simple to install. Feel free to ask us for some pictures of the installation.

STL Wiring Kits for Challenger Aircraft

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Cost: $200.00

Purpose: This is a wiring package that includes lots of specialty items which include connectors that allow you to disconnect your instrument panel and engine wiring in minutes. Life just got easier!

Description: The kit includes all the basic items needed to give your plane a professional wiring job. It includes quick connectors for the engine and instrument panel wiring with custom mounting brackets and a very nice firewall plate to secure everything firewall-forward.

If you have special needs, feel free to call us to discuss the many wiring options available. We also offer this same package in a PLUG & PLAY version. We can provide you with wiring package that simply un-rolls with most items installed and pre-aligned to fall in to place where they belong in the Challenger. Contact us for a quote for your Challenger.

Our wiring packages come with various schematics and color pictorials to make your installation easier. We have installation pictures available for viewing upon request as well.

STL Rear Fabric Plates Kit for Challengers

Cost: $34.95
Purpose: These CNC stamped fabric attachment plates come exactly as pictured and may replace the factory orginals. Our side plates include a removable center section which allows you to easily get into the elevator bellcrank area for future maintenance after the covering and painting.

Description: This kit is only available for NEW Challengers that have not had fabric plates previously installed. The side plates are sectional which allows the middle section to easily be removed for future access. A bottom plate is also included which acts as a bottom fabric attachment plate with a bit of extra triangulation.
Click on image to left to view larger image.

STL Top Fabric Plates Kit

Cost: $25.00
Purpose: This kit is a time saver for installing top fabric attachment plates. These are pre-made with plenty of clearance for the aileron bellcranks when the flaperon slide assembly is installed.

Description: The kit includes CNC stamped and shaped side and cross plates with mounting rivets. This kit does not require any fabrication or notching for clearance. It simply installs in a few minutes. It is a nice, light-weight and solid assy. for attaching the fabric near the top of the fuselage.
Click on image to left to view larger image.

STL Wing Rib Gussets

Cost: $60.00
Purpose: This kit is a major time saver for building the wings. Each gusset is pre-stamped with the rivet holes and rounded corners. The gussets are actually part of a quck build process that enables you to have a set of wings ready for covering in just a couple days. The quick build process requires that all of the gussets be absolutely identical.

Description: This kit includes enough CNC stamped and shaped gussets for two complete wings and additional information on the quick-build process. The finished wings will have all ribs and rib rivet holes perfectly aligned with the least amount of work.
Click on image to left to view larger image.

Triple Hinge Kit for Tail Section

Click image to enlarge

Cost: $36.18

Description: This is a kit that provides additional hinges for the tail section of the Challengers. It aslo includes all the required hardware to replace all existing pins with AN3 bolts, washers, castle nuts and cotter pins for a more permanent installation.

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